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You should visit your nearest Municipal Customer Care Office and request for a refund. Refunds are not automatically issued. Only the account holder can request the refund. Only original documents accepted

The following documents must be provided by the account holder:

  1. A certified copy of the account holder’s Identity Document. 
  2. Original Bank Statement, stamped by the bank- not older than 30 Days and the bank account must be in the same name as the NMBM municipal account holder.


  1. Copy of death certificate.
  2. I.D. of the spouse or beneficiary.
  3. Letter of authority from the lawyers/will of deceased
  4. Stamped bank statement.
  5. Produce proof of payment (pay slip or debit order from bank statement).
  6. Affidavit stating that he/she is the person paying the stop order.
  7. A letter from the Executor of the estate, together with a copy of the Court’s Letter of Executorship, giving permission that the money may be paid to the person paying the stop order.

DOMESTIC - OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS (E-mailed documents accepted)

  1. Stamped copy of consumer’s bank statement not older than two months, which covers a 1-month period.
  2. Bank statement must indicate the customer’s out of town address.
  3. The name of the bank statement must be in the same name as the NMBM account name.
  4. The bank statement must reflect the name of the account holder and address (page 1 of bank statement).
  5. Certified Copy of the consumer’s I.D (Certification not older than two months).
  6. Letter requesting the refund and stipulating the current out of town address signed by the account holder.


  1. Stamped copy of bank statement (not older than two months).
  2. SARS tax certificate (copy acceptable).
  3. Letter of incorporation.
  4. Certified ID copies of all the company’s directors or trustees (Certification not older than 2 months).


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